AWR DBTime script

DB Time is very important metric in AWR report. When analyzing an AWR report the, DB Time is the first thing which i see as it tells us how much activity database was performing in that time interval. Suppose we have to perform analysis on the database for the duration of 8-10 hours. Till now i used to generate the AWR reports for the interval of 30 Minutes or 60 Minutes. But sometimes times i found that db time was very less, 3-4 minutes for the duration of 60 Minutes of AWR report. This tells us that there was not much activity were performed on the database for that duration. So i thought that we should first check how much activity was performed on the database and then generate an AWR reports for high activity duration for further analysis. So i was searching for DB Time Calculations and i found the logic on Kerry Osborne’s blog. This post will give demonstration of the awr dbtime script. I have tested this script on to single instance database.

Click Here to View the Script.

Below is an example of its use:db_time

Below is the snap of the AWR report for the highlighted duration.


AWR DBTime script
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