AWR Time Model Statistics Script

Time model statistics is an important part in AWR Report. It provides the details of processing time spent by database for the given snapshot periods. Script time_model.sql gives the Time Model Statistics detail for any two snapshots.

SQL> @time_model
Enter value for start_snap_id: 516
Enter value for end_snap_id: 517

STAT_NAME                                                           Time(s)
---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
sql execute elapsed time                                             912.88
DB time                                                               884.8
DB CPU                                                               546.91
background elapsed time                                                14.6
PL/SQL execution elapsed time                                          8.25
background cpu time                                                    1.01
parse time elapsed                                                      .35
hard parse elapsed time                                                 .29
connection management call elapsed time                                 .13

9 rows selected.


Let’s look at the Time Model Statistics part from AWR Report for the above provided snapshots.



Time Model Statistics Script

AWR Time Model Statistics Script
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