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Return dataset from function using pipelined table function

In this post I am going to demonstrate how to return dataset from function in PL/SQL using pipelined table function. For this we need to perform below steps. Create TYPE object as OBJECT of the structure of required output format Create


In Oracle PL/SQL, PRAGMA refers to the compiler directive and it is used to provide an instruction to the compiler. PRAGMA are processes at compile time, not run time. They do not affect the meaning of program, they simply convey

How to convert number into words using SQL in Oracle ?

Conversion of number into words mostly required in amount translation. In this article we will see how to do this conversion in SQL. How to do ? Oracle has a Julian Date format which converts a number into Julian year

How to return multiple values from a function in Oracle PL/SQL?

Generally we write functions for computing some value. Function can return only one value, though it’s definition may contains more than one return statements. This article explains us how to return multiple values from a function in oracle using PL/SQL language.

Autonomous Transaction in oracle

An autonomous transaction is an independent transaction started by another transaction called as main transaction. It let you allow to execute various DML statements, commit and rollback without commiting or rolling back the DML statements issued by the main transaction.

How to check which events are set on the oracle database ?

I came across the situation where i was not able to find that which events have been set on database. I had set the 10035 event to capture the hard parse failures on the database. But when i check for the value