How to find free memory of Server and other OS Metrics in Oracle

In this post we will see some of the important OS metrics in oracle. At the start of AWR report you will find Host Name, Platform, CPUs, Cores, Sockets, Memory. Do you know where you can find these details in

Calculating Execution Time of Query in Oracle

In this post I am going to show how to calculate execution time of Query in Oracle Database. When user submits the query oracle parses the query and compute Hash Value for the statement. In V$SQL view we are having

How to identify Parallel DML is enabled for DML statement

In this post, I am going to show you how to identify Parallel DML is enabled or disabled for DML statement. For this I am going to compare the executions plans with parallel DML enabled and parallel DML Disabled. We will

Oracle Query Tuning – Example 1

In this post I am going to share one oracle query tuning example. Query: —————————————————- SELECT MIN (BATCH_DATE), MAX (BATCH_DATE) FROM SA.BATCH_DTLS WHERE ONLINE_BATCH_IND = ‘O’; —————————————————- Environment Details: ——————– Database Version : Operating System : Solaris Table Statistics:


In Oracle PL/SQL, PRAGMA refers to the compiler directive and it is used to provide an instruction to the compiler. PRAGMA are processes at compile time, not run time. They do not affect the meaning of program, they simply convey


Prior to Oracle 12c if we want to execute DML statement in parallel then we have explicitly enable the Parallel DML at session as given below. ALTER SESSION ENABLE PARALLEL DML; <<execute DML statement>>

Interpreting Oracle Execution Plan

I have found a very nice oracle white paper of interpretation of Oracle Execution Plan. This white paper covers the below topics. Displaying Execution Plan What is Cost Understanding Execution Plan(Cardinality,Access Paths, Join Method, Join Order,Partitioning, Parallel Execution Etc.) Download

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