AWR Time Model Statistics Script

Time model statistics is an important part in AWR Report. It provides the details of processing time spent by database for the given snapshot periods. Script time_model.sql gives the Time Model Statistics detail for any two snapshots.

Obtaining Execution Plan in Oracle

What is execution plan? An execution plan describes the list of operations which are performed by SQL Engine for SQL statement. The order of operations and their implementation is decided by the oracle query optimizer. An execution plan also shows

Oracle database slow after schema import

Oracle database slow after schema IMPORT. Some days ago I got called from one of my client regarding the slowness of one of the data synchronization process after performing IMPORT operation of the schema. I called the onsite DBA to

What is DB Time?

What is DB Time? DB Time is the total time spent by the all user processes which are actively working or actively waiting in the database calls. It includes the CPU Time, IO Wait time and non-idle time. It tells

AWR DBTime script

DB Time is very important metric in AWR report. When analyzing an AWR report the, DB Time is the first thing which i see as it tells us how much activity database was performing in that time interval. Suppose we have to perform analysis on

List TNS entries from TNSNAMES.ORA using java

I was searching for the java program which should List TNS entries from TNSNAMES.ORA using java. I Google this but not found any satisfactory answer. So I have written the below code to list the tns entries from TNSNAMES.ORA file.

How to move a LOB column to different Tablespace in oracle ?

When we create a table in oracle with CLOB datatype, oracle creates LOB segment and LOB index for this column. By default this LOG segment and LOB index gets created in the tablespace where table is currently residing. This article demonstrate

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